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Total Followers: 45,285

Total Video Seconds Viewed: 3,200,000

My Insights for Instagram:

Gender of Followers: 29% Women / 71% Men

Age Range: 18-34

Top Countries: USA, India, Brazil, Algeria, Jamaica, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Nepal.

Followers: 628`

Total Likes: 17,060

Comments: 113

Video Views: 2,781

Story Views: 515

DMs: 59


My Facebook Insight:

Gender of Followers: 24% Women / 76% Men

Age Range: 16-41

Audience Geographic : 102 Countries

Watched Minutes: 53,200

Reach: 2.1 million

Top Ten Languages: English, French, Indonesian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Nepali, Swahili, Malagasy, and Bengali

Total Likes: 45k

Total Comments: 545

Total Shares: 1,464

Story Views: 568


One of the many ways I collaborate with brands and companies.


  • Press Trips

  • Sponsored Activities

  • (Hotel, Restaurant, Tours, Airline, Cruise and Etc.) Reviews

  • Professional Photography

  • Article Writing

  • Product Reviews

  • Brand Ambassadorship

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Competitions & Giveaways

  • Web Advertising

  • Event Hosting

  • Freelance Journalism & Photography

  • Speaking Opportunities

  • Interviews

  • Other Opportunities


Fellow Travelers: Feel free to contact me here or on social media for interviews, collabs, etc. I always welcome meeting new people and networking…

My Readers: You can ask any questions here or follow me on one of the social media accounts and I’ll be glad to answer. Can’t wait to chat!