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About Shameer Griffin - The Wandering Sag - The Fearless Traveller

What I look to accomplish with my travel blog and YouTube:

1. To inspire as many people who are watching, what you can do with your imagination and hard work.

2. To encourage others to travel and provide a different perspective of our neighbors.

3. I also want to showcase the world to those who can't see all of it due to restrictions.

4. Lastly, to show that no matter what our race, ethnicity, religion, pigment, beliefs or what our opinions are; that we are all the same.


Details -

There’s always time to get a behind the scene shots.

I took this right before me and my brother (Jordan) hiked up the side of the Delaware Water Gap trails in Stroudsburg, Pa

I decided to do something courageous. I adventured off into the world with one goal, a dream. I didn’t know how or when it could be possible, but one day I decided enough was enough. I’ve been wandering this whole time trying to find my purpose, but one day it found me.

Life is mysterious in a lot of ways, but I’ve become whole with all its little quirks. With time I’ve built an imagination of my wildest dreams. I’m actually traveling the world without riches. If that is hard for you to believe, well boy do I have a story for you to hear.

I can’t even place the time of this memory, but it’s like something out of a movie. I was passing time in my Psych class during my college days with the weight of the world on my shoulders. Working night and day, painful hours trying to survive to graduation. I stumbled upon a fortune teller scrolling through my phone.

So like any college kid, I wanted to know what my past was and what my future would be. Lucky me, I could only choose one option. So I chose my past life. Ironically, I was a traveling story teller in the early 1800’s who inherit a circus.

Sounds crazy right? I did inherit one amazing gift, the gift of imagination. I guess you can’t escape your past life that easily. Now I’m traveling the world some 200 years later as I tell you my story.

I hope you stick around, because I’m taking this circus on the road; showcasing every imagination I've dreamt about...

Quote -

“The professional was once the explorer looking for an update from the amateur dreamer.” (The Wandering Sag).

Details -  

Traveling through Vermont, this was my 17th US state that I visited.

The memories of the mountains are unforgettable.

If I had to sum me up, I would say I’m a jack of all trades. I worked all types of jobs over the years from being a landscaper, news deliver, a cook to a para-transit driver and now even a sales consultant for Volkswagen.

I’ve learned that where every the heart feels it needs to go, you should make every effort to put your heart there. In all my attempts to find the perfect balanced life, traveling has always been my motivate and intention.

It has been my vise and also my secret admirer. See I just didn’t know it at that point, but ever since I saw the Braveheart movie with Mel Gibson; that was it for me. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland, so far I've made it to England.

As the years went by growing up in Philadelphia, one of the most and oldest populated cities in America taught me to be humble, and grateful for everything you have. It’s funny the reaction I would get when I would tell somebody I grew up in Philadelphia, some people believe it’s one of the hardest cities to come from; but we are also The City of Brotherly Love. You can find treasure in trash, it just depends on who’s looking, and that’s the mindset/lenses I prefer to use when traveling.

I think the lust for medieval times, history and culture is what made me want to travels so much. People like Marco Polo and the legends of Hercules are some of the many people who inspired me to travel the world, to experience other cultures, and to meet so many different walks of life.

I can’t wait to travel the rest of the world photographing every memory and filming any and everything I find exciting along the way.

I was never an actor, but I am truly a person of amazing imagination and creativity.

Welcome to this TV series of a life I call “The Wandering Sag!”

Details -

The moment I realized dreams were possible to attain.

Manifesting the hours of me cruising through the Aegean Sea.

21 cool facts about me.

  •  I studied to be a Chef at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill, and work in the field for a total of 6 years. This was the first approach I made to find a career that could help me travel.

  •  My first country I visited was France. That pushed me over the edge to find a way to travel more, but it would be nearly 5 years later before traveling to another country. Putting me at a total of 5 countries and 19 American States as of today!

  •  I’ve went skydiving 3 times. It’s the craziest rush you can create or ever experience.

Details -

Realizing that Athens, Greece is where the world of history has captured my thirst.

  •  I’m currently writing a book about my life to empower the youth, as well as well as a few other books that will take me some time to complete.
  •  I have 3 family dogs, a Labrador, Chihuahua, Maltese, and a Boxer/Pitbull mixture. There are chickens outside in our family garden. In the household there are turtles as well as lizards.

  •  I paint abstract art.

Details -

Traveling the world with the wandering mustache.

Trust me I’ve gotten all the handle bar movie and cartoon reference…

  •  For all manual stick drivers, I can roll with the big boys and gals. Matter of a fact, I use to drive Tractor Trailers, a 13 speed stick, pure power and torque…

  •  Twins run in my family. About 8 sets that I know of.

  •  I started my first business selling t-shirts when I was 21.

Details -

I love photographing the sunset behind a tree.

  • I write poetry in my spare time.
  •  I grew up in a multi family house, about 14 of us at the time.

  •  I’ve been on two TV ads, never acted though; I was just at the right place and time.

Details -

Another favorite of mine is taking beach photography through tree lines.

  •  When I was 22 I auditioned for the TV show Big Brother.

  •  I have famous relatives, but I never really met them though.

  •  I have one of the biggest Ancestry family trees. I also traced a relative back to the Queen of England, cool right!

Details -

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the berries.

  •  I cooked for the 76er’s Basketball team in 2015.
  •  I use to catch birds with my grandfather when I was little boy and I learned a few different bird calls/noise.

  •  I use to be in a rap group in high school, man the good old-days.

Details -

They say if you listen close, you can hear the God of Thunder.

  1.  I swam next to a shark, I just didn’t know it was a shark at the time. Yikes!

  2.  A little motivation and inspiration for you. I have Dyslexia. You can be anything when you put your mind to it.

  3. My name Shameer comes from many different cultures hailing from India, Egypt and Israel. I’ve heard of Muslim influences and these are some of the meanings I’ve found. Beautiful, Young, and Lucky; which I’ve found in the Arabic meaning. 

In Hebrew, it could mean a dill, flint, sword or sharp thorn. Something Solomon used to cut the stone for the building of the Temple. Also, someone who defends, guards, a protector or guardian. I am also suppose to be the watcher of time, night watch.

In Greek, my name means Marathon, which got it’s name from the Greek messenger Pheidippides, who ran over 25 miles in two days to warn Athens. He had also ran previously to Sparta from Athens covering over 150 miles. At the Battle of Marathon in (490 BC), the area was covered with an herb called (Marathon); which translates to the English word Fennel.

“According to the numerology value 6, Shameer is responsible, protective, nurturing, balance, sympatric, friendly, excellent relation builder, excellent parent, generous and sincere.”                                                           

My name is pretty rare in the United States, there are 103 people who were born with the first name Shameer according to the social security records. I’ve only met three people who have my name, with the exact spelling. So the other 99 of you, comment on my Instagram @ The Wandering Sag or Mafi_Grey

    “Life is what you make it, I hope you make a movement.
    Hope your opportunity survives the opportunist.
    Hopin’ as you walk across the sand, you see my shoe print.
    And you follow ‘til it change your life, it’s all an evolution.
    And I hope you find your passion ‘cause I found mine in this music.
    But I hope it’s not material ‘cause that’s all an illusion.”


    “She got a thing for Chanel vintage that dropped before she could speak English.
    Do you love me or love seekin’ attention, I mean which one is it?
    You keep callin’ me ya twin, but twins ain’t this different.
    Mentally I’m already on next year, that’s some 20/20 clear vision.
    You sayin’ let you finish, I ain’t tryna hear it.
    I’m all for spiritual liftin’, but I don’t fly Spirit.
    I’m all for findin’ happiness, but down to die serious.
    All smiles, Kevin Durant trials.
    Had to blow it on the court, I must have blew a milli’.
    I’m walkin’ on all charges, that’s my new Achilles."