What Beach Should You Go To After This Quarantine?

Who else wants to seat on the beach right now? This quarantine and Corona-virus has been a shocker to us all. Once this is all over and behind us, the nearest beach in every nation will be a hot spot! If you asked me, what is an inexpensive beach to go to; for the best photography shots? I would hands down recommend North Beach.

You might be wondering why. There literally 479 beaches throughout America, give or take. Why would I recommend North Beach? I'll give you three reasons.


  1. You can literally see New York City as well as Long Island

  2. If you go during a weekday, you’ll have the whole beach to yourself

  3. If you like fishing for crabs and love seafood, there’s restaurants nearby!

Should I say more…


This is what it must look like when you take a photo from your lens, the hollow dark ring of a rapid fire we snap our fingers with. Zoomed in as if I drew it with a pencil. I can still smell the saltwater in the air, the wavy wind the breeze makes when its whistles. That back splashing noise the waves make as if it was belly flopping against the sand. In nature we find the oddest and simplest things magical.


Zoomed out… I could show my sand castle, but I think NYC was more magical. Haha. I could kick my sandals off and bare the sand beneath my feet. Hot shells and stones as I cross this small desert. Could you imagine me moon walking listening to Toosie Slide by Drake. Well if you did, what headphones do you think I would be rocking. Urbanears of course. Haha. I still have my four year old orange ones I wear everywhere. You might just see me wearing them during any of my giving trips.


I’m not sure if you noticed my necklace, but if you were curious on who made it. My sister-in-law makes handcrafted jewelry. It was gifted to me and something I wear often whenever I’m on the road. Sometimes you want something not so bling bling, but more modest; especially when you’re in areas where you don’t want to draw attention. Plus it pretty much goes well with whatever I throw on. Hand gestures…

Travel Bros

One small step for the travel bros. My real A ones, who ride or die with me where every I drive. These are my brothers from another mother. James to the left, plaid shirts are his daily go to wear and my bro Jordan to the right. The sandal in hand should explain a lot, he’s the funny one of the group. Don’t get me wrong, us short people are funny too.


I will have to say this is probably the forth time I’ve encountered a Horseshoe crab, which at first glace; It looked like some UFO or some ancient alien creature from the darkest parts of the seas. Yet on the other note, isn’t it interested that we’ve only discovered about 5% of the ocean’s floor. Who else knows what might be lurking below. I can’t be the only one who has a slight fear of the unknown things in the water you can’t see when swimming? Hand gestures…


Whelp I tried my hand at modeling. How’s that 15 minutes of fame feeling? Like sunburn if you asked me. Yet, I can’t help but not to like the cape over the shoulder look. Superhero work might be in my line of duties someday. Hi, don’t hold out on the punchlines just yet. They’ll probably call me super munchkin, yikes… Lol…

Peanut Butter

Apparently people have been calling me peanut butter. I guess the skin is glistening. You might be wondering what I use, nothing special really. Just plain old Cocoa Butter, Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, Shea Butter and Gold Bond. I won’t complain about a tan either.

There’s one thing you might be asking. I’ve never seen a black guy with a handle bar mustache before? That’s the same thing you’re probably scratching your head about with those Horseshoe Crabs too. If you look hard enough, you’ll run across us too. Luckily you, I found you first (smile with my Drake head bob dance, throw that hotline bling on!)


This wouldn’t be a beach if I didn’t complete it with some coastline waves. Tell me this doesn’t sound nice? 70 degrees stepping into 59 degrees of water. Boy was that cold! It doesn’t matter where I am in the world or what I see; the beach will always be a place I will run to any given day. Yemoja will always be home to my ocean noise.

Mask Off


Let me know in the comments below what beaches I should visit and what you would like to see more of?

I’m working on the next episode and blog post soon.

If you were wondering where to get disposable masks from that are cheap and inexpensive, then I know just the place…

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