Bowling Across Country

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Bowling is literally a workout to me. For anyone who knows me, I will bowl like 15 games in a row for the heck of it. I really can’t get enough of bowling.

I remember when I was solo traveling to Vermont I came up with the idea that no matter where I am, I have to stop at a bowling alley to hit the lanes. Silly right? I’ve been to a lot of bowling alleys and you might be asking yourself aren’t they all the same; that’s a big no no! Now I’m no expert and I haven’t played a single day in any bowling league, but I can definitely vouch that every bowling alley isn’t the same.

I’ve seen some horror stories and every place you go to the lanes could be very different depending on how they wax the floors. I have about a million different bowling styles, which Is why I probably wouldn’t do well in a league. If you even saw me for a hot second throw a ball, I might just get flagged for how I throw it. I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to bowling, I just have my own style and I usually go to the lanes for fun and not anything professional.

I can’t really tell you how many places I’ve been too, but I can say not enough with confidences. 20 or 30 is not enough to say I’ve been around the block or anything like that. I just like that every place has its own style, design, feel, smell, and the group of people that go there. I’ve met a lot of friends in the bowling alley just, because of how intense I play.

Now that is out of the way, I’ve been bowling for about 10 years now. It’s one of my favorite sports, but it isn’t cheap when you start hitting the double digits games; well that is unless you know the owner or the employees who work there. Other than that, I’ve probably spent more money bowling than traveling. Outrageously fun if you asked me, but traveling and bowling is 10 times more enjoyable. If I had to relate the feeling to something, it’s like doing a bar crawl; except instead of being drunk the bowling adrenaline is your high.

The real question is, how many of you actually go bowling yourselves? I wouldn’t mind meeting up with you town to town on a cross country bowling tour. That sound intense and fun as hell if you asked any fan of the bowling community. Well I guess I’ll just have to build up a following of bowlers, so we can make this bowling tour a real life thing.

Well it was fun, until next time…
If you've enjoyed these shots of me bowling, then you should go check out my sister's page as she was the photographer behind the lens snapping away with this master plan. 
Photographer: Sapphira Griffin
Instagram credits: __griff
Also check out her and her wife's garden page as well: griffinfamilygarden
Here's some bonus photos below of my uncle:
Oh and I forgot to mention, I can play pool too. I can't wait to get one of these tables in my house...
  • Location - Campani's Legacy Lanes

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